Hey there! I make upcycled pet toys with locally sourced (Portland, OR) fleece.

There are a few tug toys available to purchase online, but because I predominantly sell to local area stores (more info here) and each toy is unique, my whole inventory isn’t listed. I have samples of each size listed, so if you’d like to purchase one of those, I’ll send one that’s similar to the one pictured! Or, if you’d like to see what is currently available, place a custom order, or ask what size I recommend for your furry friend, please send me a message!

Tugs in Action

What are other people saying?

"Our cat Winston, who is color blind and nearsighted, has never really been interested in any cat toys that we have bought in the past. It was so heartwarming and special to see this playful side come out with him, and see the fun that he was having with these toys!"Jennie - Portland, OR
"We got a small tug toy as a gift and both our dogs LOVE it! They are notorious toy destroyers but this tug has held up for months. The only problem we've experienced with it is spats about who gets to play with it! We'll be ordering a larger one soon to get this issue remedied!"Alena V. - Portland, OR
“I purchased two tug toys for my dog Coco a few months ago. Normally, he rips or shreds any new toy within hours of receiving it but these are quite durable and both still remain intact. They are tightly woven and have a lot of stretch to them so they can be an interactive tug, or are just nice for him to chew on his own. Plus they are eco-friendly! I was so pleased with the tug toys, I purchased a handful more to give my friends with dogs.”Kim M. – Mason City, Iowa
"Milo loves his tug toy so much. He chews on it, we play tug-of-war and sometimes we even play catch with it. We love how durable it is and all the color choices. I got one for my mom in her favorite team colors for mother's day, and her little girl loves it too. I also love that the company is using green practices. I can't say enough good things about the tug toy, and at this price point I don't have to... just get one for yourself and you'll see!"Laura T. – Portland, Oregon
“My puppy nephew, a Yorkshire Terrier, was beyond thrilled with the two tug toys I gave him. He bounced along with glee after immediately snatching one from me. We played some tug-o-war, and they have just enough give to make it fun. The tiny ones were the perfect size for him. He liked them so much, he literally picked them both up and carried them around with him everywhere he went for part of the afternoon. Judging by his love for them, I'd highly recommend them for any dog!”Melody M. – Oak Creek, Wisconsin